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Pooper Scooper Services

At My Denver Pet LLC, we know pet owners want to give their furry friends the cleanest and healthiest environment possible, and we are here to make that goal much easier for our customers. We serve pet owners in the Denver Metro area with recurring and one-time pooper scooper and litter box cleanup services. We help pet owners like you to keep your pets' living areas sanitary and safe.

Whether you need a friendly service team to keep your dog's environment clean on a routine basis or just a single cleaning, give us a call at (720) 951-5093 to request an estimate.

Pooper Scooper Services for One or Multiple Dogs

Cleaning up after pets can be a bit of a hassle, and if you have more than one dog, that can be so much more to clean. Leave the pooper scooping to our team and save yourself the trouble. We can do cleanings up to two times a week with weekly and bi-weekly service available as well.
Number of DogsTwice a WeekOnce a WeekEvery other Week
1$9.00/per visit$11.40$18.50
2$10.55/per visit$13.90$22.50
3$12.00/per visit$16.40$26.75
4$13.50/per visit$18.90NOT RECOMMENDED

Add Bacteria and Odor Disinfectant: $1 Per Visit

Self Service: $5.00 Per Cleaning


Litter Box Cleaning

In addition to cleanup for canines, My Denver Pet LLC provides litter box cleaning with pricing as follows:

$14 Per Cleaning (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly)
*A One-Time $38 fee applies for equipment setup. Charges apply on the first billing cycle.

One-Time Cleanup Service

If Last Cleanup Was 1-3 Months Ago
Last Cleanup 3-6 Months Ago
Last Cleanup Over 6 Months Ago
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